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A Show About Afro-Latina Witches called Brujas Is Coming to TV

A Show About Afro-Latina Witches called Brujas Is Coming to TV
For too long, the term bruja, which translates to ‘witch’, has remained a taboo in the Latino community. But, thanks to playwright Tanya Saracho, the Bruja movement, a subculture of Afro-Latina millennials reclaiming the elements of brujeria, the Spanish word for “witchcraft”, will soon get its due on television.

Deadline reports that the Mexico-born writer is developing a show titled Brujas that centers around the Bruja movement in Chicago, following four Afro-Latinas. The series is being produced by Big Beach, an independent production company responsible for films such as Little Miss Sunshine and Our Idiot Brother.

The Bruja movement has
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Starz’s ‘Vida’ Explores Gentrification of Latino Neighborhoods… by Other Latinos

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Starz’s upcoming drama “Vida” shares stories of Latinos in Los Angeles, told by the Latinos — whose stories might not be familiar to a broader audience. One issue the half-hour drama will tackle in its first season, showrunner Tanya Saracho said, is “gentefication,” the gentrification of Latinp neighborhoods by other Latinos. A play on the Spanish word gente (which translates to “people,”) gentefication is a term used to describe the changes brought to a community when young, upwardly mobile Latinos move back to their old neighborhoods and displace less wealthy residents. Some of those Latinos are known as “Chipsters” — Chicano...
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Tanya Saracho Series “Brujas” Being Developed by Big Beach

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Playwright and TV scribe Tanya Saracho has a new project in the works. She’s tapped to serve as showrunner on “Brujas,” a series being developed by indie producer and financer Big Beach. Deadline reports that the series centers on four Chicago-based Afro-Caribbean/Latinx women and explores “the relationships and community born out of the growing identification with the Bruja movement.”

According to the source, “Brujas” will “use the brujería counter-culture as a foundation. The brujería culture is a means for Latinx feminists to reconnect with their heritage through music, style, nightlife, and art. It’s a powerful return to indigenous practices and a reclamation of feminine strength.”

Saracho will pen the series and serve as an exec producer.

“Obviously I’m obsessed with women and Latina women,” Saracho has said of the themes in her writing. “I think I’m on my seventh or eighth all-Latina play.
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