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vladimir-janic27 February 2017
Exquisite. 'Big Little Lies' takes us to an incredible journey with its emotional and intriguing storyline. The characters are so thoroughly and thoughtfully developed. Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern gave breathtaking performances. Directing, screenplay, photography, everything is brilliantly done. I would deeply recommend it.
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turns out, there's no such thing as perfect life
focusedonthepain8 January 2018
At first it felt like some kind of Korean drama. Wealthy people trapped in their social struggles. I was wondering "why their life is so boring?" It looked like something just repeats on and on, people talked only about what was happening, and that's it. Like they were trapped. On the good side, a lot of problems were raised, perfectness shown to be imperfect. Characters were so real, so human-like. They had doubts, regrets, we got all sides of events, not just what's happened. Actors are great - everyone knows these big names for good acting - but kids! They're amazing! But what I'd give these series 100 stars or more for is choice of soundtrack. Every time a songs plays, it gives vibe to everything that's going on. Montage is beautiful, too. It's made very smartly, keeps viewer guessing the whole time who's done what. Also, not too long to bore, not too short to feel something's out. Sometimes watching a TV show, I feel like wasting time, not spending it, as if I could watch something better, but decided to entertain myself and do something useless. And this time it wasn't like that. PS. Can I just mention that soundtracks are wonderful one more time? They are!
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Beautiful Story Of True Sisterhood
inessilvasantos18 December 2017
This short series has all of the ingredients to be an amazing award winning show: a great cast with great perfomances, an awesome production, a kick-ass soundtrack, a good mistery, an excelent character development,... It's both realistic and surreal, it's full of nuances, of pain and joy, it's overall just an amazing experience.
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Just Watch It - It's The Show You've Been Waiting For...
lisajoy19607 March 2017
HBO's new limited series, Big Little Lies, is simply outstanding in every way. The casting is perfect - Reese Witherspoon as Madeline, Shailene Woodley as Jane and the always fabulous Nicole Kidman as Celeste - three very different mothers residing in the ultra wealthy enclave of Monterey, California. The show also focuses on Renata (a tense, edgy performance by Laura Dern and the families of the four main characters. James Tupper, Adam Scott, James Nordling turn in great performances, but Alexander Skaarsgard really shines as Perry, Celeste's troubled, volatile husband.

Without giving away the plot, the show is part is Desperate Housewives part Knots Landing and part Secrets and Lies in that it's a drama, a soap and a mystery, all rolled into one delicious package.

Beautiful cinematography and an amazing soundtrack add to the enjoyment. I just binge-watched the first three episodes and they left me wanting more. Just watch it - it's the show you've been waiting for...
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Very creative with a sinister wit and some intelligence...
mifunesamurai20 February 2017
I almost gave up on it after the lacklustre and uncreative beginning, but then the clever structure and intricate story-line kicked-in, followed by the interesting characters who are slowly taking form. Their purpose and meaning to the unfolding mystery is becoming evident and damn fascinating. All thanks to the performers who have already got this perfectly down-pat in the first episode, and that allows the story to take shape and meaning for the remainder of the series.

So far this series is more than about fighting mums and a "who-done-it". What is so prevalent in the first episode is the underlying themes of parenthood, marital relationships and school-mom politics. I'm sure the writers will have more juice to add as the series progresses.

For now, it's the mystery that has got me hooked. And to heighten my viewing pleasure, it is the development of the characters and the conflicts surrounding them, and also within, that makes me want to watch it that little bit longer, hopefully right to the very end of the series that is slowly peeling away the hypocrisy and the nastiness of an affluent suburb/town!
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Big payoff at the end
korereviews10 January 2018
Like a lot of viewers, there were moments when I thought I'd had enough of this show: bitchy rich women who never seem to notice how privileged they all are - for the first few episodes, you just want them all to die. But there is always something to keep you just intrigued enough to watch another episode. And then you start to see what's really going on behind the scenes of their perfect lives, and it all starts to make sense. You realize that that feeling of annoyance at all the characters was actually a clever ploy: you're meant to hate them all at the start. But by the end, you actually really like them all, and that's some clever writing, I must say. Trust me, the last few episodes fly by, and the ending is everything you'd want it to be. Clever, genuinely touching, and very satisfying without ever feeling predictable. This is a well-crafted and very well told story. Plus the cinematography and music are hypnotically beautiful. Definitely worth your time.
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Looking past the superficial
nactac20 December 2017
After watching the first episode, which intentionally makes the viewer uncomfortable through the superficial nature of its characters, you really begin to see immense character development through the use of a beautifully written script and the performances of a very talented ensemble of actors. I have insane respect for Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, and Alexander Skarsgård for what they were able to bring to the screen, and they make the show a definite pleasure to watch.

I'm almost sad there is going to be another season because I am satisfied with how the first season ended, but I'm curious to see where it goes. That said, the first season is filled with the right mixture of drama, suspense, and dark humor, and is worth the watch in my opinion.
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Big Little Lies ... What a perfect miniseries!
pedrometzker19 December 2017
Big Little Lies ... What a perfect miniseries! It is difficult to find something that can get the attention of a large audience and manages to pass a most important message to a race that is not yet so evolved ... Humans. It is touching. At the beginning presents the end of the series which brings a bit of curiosity and is what gives a fuel to continue to watch the series. From episode 3, after knowing the characters, the story takes an excellent rhythm, which brings with it mysteries, conclussions and affection or dislike to the characters. And in the end brings a breathtaking and magnificent conclusion. The performances, mainly by Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard, bring the characters of the tray characters to us. Photography is incredible. All the components for a good series are there in Big Little Lies.
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Superb! (Disappointed at criticism on people's claims this is a "targeted audience" show therefore deserving a poor review.)
Kali Yuga8 December 2017
Impeccably caste. The performances alone should unanimously have esteemed appreciation, almost if the players are showing their personal hidden selves for all to view, feel on top of great acting... thus, exposing truth and lies that exist within humanity as well as individually.

One finds it to be most disappointing of those whom view this a series geared towards middle aged women or housewives, not only is this opinion narrow minded but not backed up with well definitive examples from the show for the labeling.

Nor do I see that it has anything to do with the undesirable "Housewives" television reality shows (only my opinion due to it not being believable or true "reality" when that is what it is portrayed; but please enlighten me if I am as well, being too quick to judge and I will always take another look, although I also do not care for trivial containing themed scripted acting claiming realism) It is saddening that formulaic viewpoints are even put down in this discussion because obviously is not the real incentive otherwise these "commenters" would have not cared enough to post, UNLESS their real reason must be some sort of anger or grudge towards women or housewives but hopefully not the case.

Let's say for arguments sake these select watcher's labels are true, and that may-hap it is for a targeted audience. For one, why would it make a television show bad or deserve to be rated poorly. Look around you, or at least at what is being produced on TV; most everything is created with an audience base in mind, or may seem to be so. Why can one not appreciate that which is not specifically made for you and only you? Ratings should not be based on theories or stereotypes or targeted audiences in mind, it should be valued for the acting, cinematography, is well written, and importantly does it have a message to give us the viewers to make us think about that which we do not or would not ever have prior appreciate and further our empathy and compassion towards others (seriously everyone these values are so lacking and very needed), try to understand the lives of people even if consequently lies or other qualities exist because there may be something we missed or the reasoning behind a lie even validated.

WHAT makes this series so worth watching is obviously entertainment, and entertainment that is not total garbage like so much that is spewed out of the TV world. Please be open minded when watching this program with no predetermined ideas, and allow yourself to appreciate the emotional depth being depicted even though it is not reality and scripted, allowing oneself to truly be someone else and understanding this character type; or also as a performer being already blessed with the art of acting.
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Binge Worthy!!
rosannag1 January 2018
Just binged watched Big Little Lies. Great show and a great cast. Although the plot twist at the end was obvious and expected it is still worth the watch.
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Fantastic Book translates into Fantastic TV
discostuxxx12 March 2017
I am a big fan of Liane Moriarty and when I read this book I couldn't put it down. Reese Witherspoon has done the book justice as I understand she has produced the series.

It's not often you read a book and the pictures that you form in your mind suddenly become real through a great translation to the screen. Although the book was originally set on the Northern beaches of Sydney the translation to Monterey California is perfect. David E Kelly has written the screenplay and has done an excellent job and dare I say taken a great story and enhanced it beautifully.

The casting is absolutely perfect with Reese as Maddy, Nicole Kidman as Celeste, Laura Dern as Renata and Shailene as Jane. Great choice with Zoe Kravitz as well.

Any parent and especially any mother will really relate to the story which keeps you guessing until the very end. AAA+++
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HBO has set high expectations and.....
brianoboyle-531763 April 2017
Look at the cast and people involved. HBO has Game of thrones, The Wire, Sopranos, etc. They set an extremely high expectation and this delivers. The night of was the last short series I loved like this. Its a short Mystery, that has a twist or two built in. Dark, well written and well acted. Very very good
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Wow, just wow!
mrocco-12 April 2017
I have HBO and NEVER watch it. I'm not a big fan of what apparently many other people like to watch. But when I saw the commercial for this I was intrigued. I never heard of the book, but highly respect many of the lead actors so I figured if they were involved it couldn't totally suck. Speaking of suck, I was completely sucked in on the first episode. I don't know why but I found this show completely and utterly mesmerizing, all the way down to the music and cinematography. Everyone involved in this from top to bottom hit it out of the park. I've never experienced this kind of life-style (ie mommy, daddy and school politics) but one of my clients who watches the show and lives in the general area said they nailed her experience when her kids were in school.

To put in perspective, I usually work when I watch TV, don't really even 'watch' it, just background noise. Not only did I stop working to watch this, I ran the last few minutes in slow motion to fully absorb what happened. I can't give a show much more praise than that! You'll understand the scene I'm talking about when you see it.
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High marks 3 episode in
DSW SF6 March 2017
The first episode established the potential here right from the start. Writing, casting and acting is on point. Great to see the cast of actors that were pulled together for the project. I hope to see more of this type of 7 episode story telling where you can get such a deep cast of actors to commit to a project that they might not otherwise be able to do if it were a typical ongoing series. In my opinion some great flawed and complex characters that aren't always what they seem on the surface (who is). In particular Reese, Nicole and Dern. In addition, the child actors, who's characters really need to support the story line, really bring it as well. Check it out.
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Superb. Career best performances for Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern
mrx-772222 November 2017
It would be entirely churlish not give this superb production 10 stars out of 10. What more could a director do to make this less perfect? Particular credit must go to Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon for bringing this compelling, exciting and sensitive story into production but even more so for getting director Jean- Marc Vallée on board. And boy what a beautiful, sensitive, funny and dramatic story he's manage to render here - and with such style too. To cap it off the director has managed to extract career-best performances not just from Nicole Kidman, which should deserve credit enough all on it's own - but Reese Witherspoon, Laura Stern and the excellent Shailene Woodley all put in career-best performances - perhaps reflecting the quality of the writing, song choices, editing and filmography.

Interesting enough IMDb user-rating system rates this their 129th top rated TV show - which compelled me incredulously to see exactly which dramas fell above it. Let's just say that I couldn't agree with at least 99% of them. For me this is easily be in the top ten and certainly the top twenty TV shows/dramas ever made.
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"Big Little Lies" is a superb suspense drama series of high quality
Jean-Pol Cardin30 April 2017
My opinion---

"Big Little Lies" is a drama series, suspense of quality HBO and realized perfectly by Jean-Marc Vallée and enjoying a casting of first choice our only by its high quality but especially by their perfect performances. We can appreciate the magnificent performances of "Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon" who give an incredible tone of natural to their respective characters. This series has unfortunately been stopped, although after this superb first season, I do not see much alternative to remake one of such beautiful quality, because this one was just perfect, a great scenario and a follow-up of the perfect episodes With a super final twist. I highly recommend this one season, it is worth it.
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A+ Neo-Noir
pfeiferlj5 April 2017
I hope "Big Little Lies" (BLL) pursues a season 2 with the same writer, director, and actors, because it's rare to see this kind of chemistry come together on the big screen, let alone television. When you have a winning combination, keep going. The way the director blends action, music, the angles, symbolism, the sense of place, it's beautiful, haunting, at times hilarious, and it carries a powerful social message.

The series is full of memorable lines, and I think my favorite is Laura Dern's "Don't F*** with my daughter's birthday party". Reese Witherspoon is unforgettable as the perfectionist Mom who turns out to be all too human, Nicole Kidman takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotion as we discover her secrets and the truth she refuses to confront. Shailene Woodley is a natural for her role as a young single Mother trying to survive in a new community and fighting for her young son. Zoe Kravitz is equally well cast as the bohemian peace-loving Bonnie. The children in BLL are so believable in their roles, we're rooting for them from the start as the series unfolds. The men in these women's lives have issues - some issues very serious indeed - and all of these character stories are woven into the flow of each scene in an effortless way that keeps us hooked and counting the days for the next episode. Bring on Season 2!
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So Darn Good!
left_us_silent4 April 2017
What a fantastic, well produced, well acted HBO mini-series! It's a very dark show, which had me hooked from the first episode, and very easy to binge watch. I'm devastated it all came to end this week, but I take pleasure in how great this show was and how much I enjoyed it.

The casting was fantastic. Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, and particularly Nicole Kidman- I loved them all so much and became so absorbed in their characters, with all their trials and tribulations (some very harrowing). I even give great credit to Alexander Skarsgård who played his heinous character so well it scared me.

And the soundtrack! Ahhh, so beautiful and alluring. I usually can't stand long winded opening credits to shows and immediately skip them, but the hauntingly beautiful opening tune to this show, with the visuals of Big Sur, I couldn't help but watch and listen to it at every episode. I know the book was set on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, but I'm glad it was filmed instead in Monterey California (and I'm Australian!). Monterey and The Big Sur backdrop provided the ideal setting, and had a beautiful yet sinister feel to it which was perfect for this dark show. It was truly mesmerizing.

10/10 a must watch!
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play-633-9553714 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am surprised at some of the reviews. This show has incredible depth and shows the absolute flawed and beautiful sides of humanity.

I was gripped by the performances. No one in this series missed a beat. I could relate to all the characters.

This show has subtleties that anyone who has lived through domestic violence would feel at a deep level.

It is about time we show that domestic violence isn't just confined to the "lowerclasses" and that it reaches across all levels of society and all races.

The performances from Laura Dern,Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley were no less than spellbinding. The situations and life phases they were facing were very real.

I can't praise this show enough.
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Big Little Show
ReganRebecca4 April 2017
This really is the golden age of TV as proved by the fact that this mini-series stars three incredible actresses (two of them Oscar winners) giving some of their career best performances). Big Little Lies takes a hard look at the lives of women in the wealthy mostly white suburb of Monterey, where you're no one if you don't have a beach front property and where everyone hides their secrets so that they don't risk anyone seeing that their lives are a facade.

The three women at the centre of the story are Madeleine Mackenzie an A-type mostly stay at home mom on her second husband (Reese Witherspoon), her beautiful best friend Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and the town newcomer that Mackenzie adopts into their life, Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodley), a 20-something young mom who moved to the town for the schools and doesn't really fit in. Each woman is hiding a huge secret, but eventually the secrets come out and the women find solace and comfort leaning on each other for support.

There is a lot more than that (the show opens with the bold claim that there was a murder, and most of the show is a flash backward showing how that murder came to be), but a lot of the central mysteries aren't mysteries at all. The editing, costuming and acting choices deeply hint at the answers to every mystery, so by the time the finale rolls around and everything is revealed it's not so much an "Ah ha!" moment as an "Ahhhhh" moment as you realize with satisfaction that the build up was good and everything makes sense.

The best part of this is seeing all the actors doing amazing work. Nicole Kidman walks away with the show giving a devastating performance. Laura Dern provides levity and Robin Weigert, as Celeste's therapist, may not be a "name" actress, but she brings so much to her scenes.

A wonderful show.
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A perfect life is a perfect lie.
Manvir Singh23 February 2017
It was a pretty much good first episode for a series giving all information and context. The cast is awesome. - good mystery -nice title - many questions - good direction .Take on ex-husbands and second wives, schoolyard scandal, and the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive People who liked the movie gone girl will surely like it . So give it a go....
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Amazing soundtrack
danny1230 June 2017
What attracted me to this TV series was the cast, however even after watching the first episode i was fascinated by its soundtrack. I feel lucky to discover some great piece of music. The acting was also impressive as one can guess. I would highly recommend it, you won't regret it :)
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Vishal mellark8 January 2018
One of the best tv show out there, fantastic performances by nicole kidman , shailene n reese,laura dern n skarsgard pulled off an amazing performances ! ! any parent n specially any mother will and should relate to this story , the plot keeps on unfolding , so 8 episodes were intriguing from start to finish ! WAITING FOR SEASON 2.. P.S just saw nicole kidman's acceptance speech were she thanked the whole cast .her children , her husband .. EVEN HER SPEECH IS AMAZING :) she is amazing . :)
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You really have to watch it - one of the best TV shows of 2017.
Councillor300428 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Big Little Lies" is a brilliantly addictive adaptation of Liane Moriarty's source material which I am going to have to check out as soon as possible after watching this series. Starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz and Alexander Skarsgård among others, "Big Little Lies" certainly benefits from its brilliant cast, but it's the sharp and clever writing which really allows this series to feel like a true success. Its unraveling was done so cleverly that I could not stop watching and, as rarely as I can be found binge-watching any series, I watched all seven episodes with only a small interruption because I was starving and had to give myself a little break from watching these interesting characters in their not-so-normal lives. In my opinion, in most cases a mini-series should be left completed upon its last episode in order to avoid ruining it, but in this case, I certainly would not mind watching a second season and following the lives of these women for another ~seven episodes. Their stories are not completed yet and there is still a lot of conflict left unresolved, so it would be amazing to be able to follow them for a second season. However, even if the announced second season does not end up happening, I will be happy and content with the way "Big Little Lies" turned out to be: it's pure perfection in its own merits.

The plot works great by using a very interesting formula: take the lives of several characters who appear to be so perfect and oh-so-normal from the outside, and throw them into a difficult situation in order to reveal their true characters by showing how they deal with the situations, and then reveal the dark secrets shadowing their seemingly perfect lives. It's a formula which could not have worked better, though one thing certainly helped: the fact that the actors were so great. On the show's forefront was the groundbreaking performance from Nicole Kidman, who grows so much into her role she becomes almost inseparable from Celeste Wright. Alexander Skarsgård is frightening in his role as Celeste's husband Perry. Other outstanding cast members are Reese Witherspoon, who nails her part of the perfect wife and mother, Laura Dern, Adam Scott and Shailene Woodley, who may finally have proved herself to be more than just an actress for mainstream audiences.

I personally loved "Big Little Lies", and as long as you don't need your characters to be perfectly likable, you will like it as well. Apparently most people who gave the series a negative review on this website reduced their reviews to basically saying this was boring crap because the characters were too self-centered - well, maybe then this show may not be for you if you can't take a story which might have been taken out of real life, because self-centered people like the characters portrayed in this show live all around the planet. What the show did so great was to paint these characters in such an interesting light anyway that you still could not help but root for these women.
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Beautifully executed story!
jnau-7671727 November 2017
When I first saw the trailer for this show, I wasn't so interested. But I'm so damn glad that I changed my mind. To me, this was a story of how women can be petty and stress about the little things in life (i.e.birthday parties and petitions), but when they use their power to lift each other up, they're capable of greatness. Everything from the acting and music to the cinematography was top notch and stunning. I finished the series in two nights and now I need a minute to catch my breath. Can't remember the last time I was this moved by a story. The ending was perfectly executed.
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